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Working at a small boutique presents very different challenges to those faced at larger firms. There tends to be a much stronger emphasis on people and teams. Whilst larger firms may espouse the importance of their staff, at a boutique firm they are paramount.

Each individual is able to assist in developing the brand and culture, giving them a sense of “making it their own”. There is also more freedom and diversity within the roles and an opportunity to learn more quickly. This tends to help employees feel excited about their positions and eager to learn and progress. Furthermore, a flatter hierarchy often allows employees to feel more valued within the organisation.

Given the importance of people to a boutique firm, we place a great deal of emphasis on our hiring process. We aim to not only higher the best and brightest but also those with the drive and determination to thrive in an exciting but very challenging environment. The ideal employee must also identify with our mission statement and share our core values.

We aim to foster an environment that encourages learning, creativity and hard work. We endeavour to provide a balance between the curiosity of academic research and the result-driven sense of accomplishment offered by industry. Our employees are encouraged to collaborate and supervise academic research and attain chartered status in Mathematics (CMath) and Science (CSci). We will also put in place a plan for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that will assist in future progression.

Data Scientists

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available for data scientists but please feel free to submit your CV and we will contact you should an appropriate opening arise.

The application process is rigorous and demanding. However, we believe that the best candidates can thrive under these conditions. Indeed we hope that many will even enjoy the challenges and opportunity to learn. By the end of the process the candidates should have a good understanding of the firm and the challenges of the role.

The application process is broken into two parts:

  1. Telephone/Video interview (15-30 minutes)
  2. Assessment Centre (1 Day)
    • Case Study (2-3 hours) – this requires candidates to engage in a data analysis case study. This allows candidates to demonstrate their programming and presentation skills and show how they would interact with clients. [A range of programming languages will be available].
    • Psychometric tests
    • Interviews (1-2 hours)
    • Reverse Interviews (15–30 minutes) – this gives the candidates the opportunity to quiz other members of staff. This is important as the candidate must have confidence in the people around them.

Database Developers

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available for data scientists but please feel free to submit your CV and we will contact you should an appropriate opening arise.


We run a rolling internship programme for Masters and PhD students lasting 3 months. We welcome applications from enthusiastic students with a strong mathematical and programming backgrounds. Interns learn the full process of developing a data analysis solution from database management to data analysis and visualisation. By the end of the programme, interns have the essential skills required for applying data analysis in the real world.

If you're considering a life outside academia or would just like to develop some new skills that you can apply to your research this could be the opportunity for you!


  • Masters or PhD student from a mathematical discipline at a top university
  • Strong programming background
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Ability to work from our London office

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